Northlake Mandeville Rotary Club is sponsoring an incredible student in competition for a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship.  She is Madison Jacks of Lacombe, La, pictured above with Leanne Truehart, her sponsor in our club.
Madison graduated from Arizona State Univ. with a 4.0 GPA.  She is seeking the scholarship to obtain a double degree in Political Economy of Development jointly awarded by Services Po Paris and the London School of Economics.  She would spend her first year in Paris and her second year in London. 
Her passion is to alleviate poverty in underdeveloped countries by focusing on economic and community development.  Her desire was motivated by her experience in Peru where she helped build an aquaculture system which decreased iron-deficienciy anemia in the local population while increasing their incomes.
Good luck Madison in the competition!! We know you will do well!!