2015 Installation Address - President Steve Satterlee

2015 Installation Address – President Steve Satterlee

June 25, 2015


Thank you Bill! It is clear that you have done a wonderful job as President of  Northlake Mandeville Rotary in setting our club on a solid foundation and in achieving your theme of “Enhancing the value of being a Mandeville Rotarian”, as evidenced by the club receiving District 6840’s Large Rotary Club of the Year Award. (I would like to give you this small memento of appreciation from the club in recognition of your service as President this past year.)    


As Tom and Bill mentioned, I appreciate all of you attending tonight’s installation dinner, especially my mother,Ann Satterlee-- whose father was a Texas City Rotary Club member for 37 years with a perfect attendance record. I am sorry to say perfect attendance didn’t make it down to my generation.


The idea of Rotary has always been a positive thought throughout my life, with my grandfather as a Rotarian role model. I became directly involved  with our club in 1999, when Rick McGinnis, a Rotarian engineer client, invited me to Mandeville Rotary for the first time. I was immediately drawn to Rotary and joined the club.


Shortly thereafter, I formed my own Investment Business and began building and buying buildings. At that time, I was also very involved in boy scouts as my son, Stephen, became an eagle scout. Now that Stephen is moving on to LSU and majoring in Mechanical Engineering, I have more time to give.


Three Rotarian clients simultaneously approached me to become the 43rd President of Northlake Mandeville Rotary Club for 2015-2016. It is a real honor for me to accept this position. After spending some time with Bill Allin, I asked Bill if our Rotary Club had a five year plan, which was not as fully developed as it could be. As a financial planner, I could see the need for a better-defined long-term growth plan. It was also easy to see that Rotary International was placing a greater emphasis on bringing in more young members, adding female members, and on strategic planning. Therefore my Theme this year is “Growth through Longevity”!


The Rotary International President this year is K. R. “Rabi” Ravindran,         whose theme is “Be a Gift to the World”. As Rotarians and as spouses and friends of Rotary, we know that Rotary International is the world’s premiere service organization, with an unparalleled passion for service. However, it is not growing and, instead, has become stagnant at 1,200,000 members.


Building on the solid foundation that has been laid for our club, my theme of “Growth through Longevity” is for this Rotary Year, which represents the first step in a five-year effort. The growth that I believe is possible for our club can be achieved in many areas:  

  1. Growth in membership, with Tom Quinn, as our Membership Chair and Mike McCall focusing on retention;
  2. Growth in Service – Ben Motion and Lauren Lee are now Co-Chairs of Community Service;
  3. Growth in Giving, with Steve Saux, John Caulking and Larry Burch continuing to manage our giving and foundation activity; and
  4. Growth of the Club’s Longevity and Continuity, as our members, leaders, and key fundraisers age. – To advance that goal, we have formed a new Strategic Planning Committee that Jay Capouch has agreed to head up, with Buddy Hall as the non-board member representative serving on that committee.


Starting this year and over the next 5 years, we will focus on growing and retaining more members of our club, by establishing a Satellite Club to target the 24 to 45 age demographic. We will also direct our outreach to bring in more corporate leaders and their employees as new members.  I appreciate Tom Quinn spearheading these two initiatives. We will grow our service projects, as Ben and Lauren evaluate and strengthen our existing service projects as well as develop new ones. These initiatives should also allow us to achieve the Presidential Citation, which has become more important now than ever before for Rotary International.


In conclusion, our five-year plan is to build longevity into everything we do:

  1. Striving to add more young members
  2. Focusing on “Two Deep” leadership, i.e., each leader has a back-up
  3. Building large committee teams
  4. Recruiting new corporate members and their employees
  5. Building on our five-year succession slate of presidents


  1. Stephen Satterlee‘15-‘16 
  2. John Allan ’16-‘17
  3. Tiffany Anton ’17-‘18
  4. Lauren Lee ’18-’19 and
  5. Mike McCall ’19-‘20



Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Anne, my awesome wife of almost 25 years. She has been an incredible mother to our daughter, Jane and son, Stephen. She has also been a constant source of support and encouragement to me through the years.  Thank you.